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Tail Number CGYYW is a 2011 Robinson R44 II
The rotors can free wheel because of something called a "Sprag Clutch".
You'll note that I didn't call out the stall region of the rotor system on this video. It's the inner 20% of the rotor.
The graphical elements that are on page 1-46 and 1-47 of this manual were a huge help:
The type of aircraft int his video is an R-44
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    Pauline ByrnePauline Byrne22 saatler önce
  • 8:35 I'm waiting for the day i see someone trying this and then match exactly what they say.

    thejhp Junthejhp JunGün önce
  • Only if Kobe would’ve saw this

    Tstoclean YTTstoclean YTGün önce
  • So how does the tail rotor factor into this? How does the helicopter stay stable?

    Joost KerpelsJoost Kerpels3 gün önce
  • Super Awesome!!!

    Jesus GARCIAJesus GARCIA3 gün önce
  • Love this but wish you would have shown more of the actual auto rotation. The whole part of the auto rotation was all of like 15 seconds.

    Dr GigglesDr Giggles4 gün önce
  • Can't believe tyson didn't know about autorotation. They teach that in physics everywhere.

    E CE C4 gün önce
  • If God intended for us to fly he would have given us wings! I'll stay on the ground thank you very much! LOL

    downhilltwofour00downhilltwofour005 gün önce
  • Seems like DeGrease Tyson likes to make a lot of uninformed comments.

    D MacD Mac5 gün önce
  • 0:21 I can just imagine Destin landing, running up to that rock and setting up the camera, running all the way back, taking off and landing, running back again, saying his line, and finally running back to the helicopter.

    PersonMonPersonMon6 gün önce
  • He got niel to say it he got Neil to say it he hot niel to say it omg my brain is melting he got niel to say it

    B3rnardB3rnard7 gün önce
  • (1:36) Gee, that's really encouraging, lol.

    ZenMasterZenMaster7 gün önce
  • rip kobe this is for you

    Brendon PerterBrendon Perter7 gün önce
  • I have to be honest here. I hardly understood a sentence uttered in this video. I had the privilege of fly a helicopter once. Its was one of these adventures in which the pilot gives you a run down of about 20 minutes of what we were going to do then I would be given the controls at two thousand feet and basically fly the vehicle. What surprised me was how very little input was needed for the helicopter controls to carry out whatever it is the pilot was doing. Whenever you see in movies etc someone flying a helicopter they make it so dramatic. You see the pilot pushing the stick super hard at jarring levels and in reality its nowhere near that. The amount of touch needed on the stick to direct the vehicle is very little. Also what was amazing was experiencing a a free fall drop from 2000 ft to 400 ft in seconds, lol. I yelled out like a little girl even though I knew it was coming. I was then given the opportunity to try to maintain a hover of about six to ten feet off the ground while the pilot explained what to do. I found this to be the most difficult maneuver. I actually was not successful after a number of tries. Your trying to keep the tail from whipping around and maintaining this balance. Like I said it was only once I got to experience it but it was one of the most exciting things I've ever done. I would love to do it more and actually get my license to pilot a copter. There is so much to learn before being able to actually get to the point of soloing. Its a dream I pray I can one day achieve. God bless every pilot out there truly a special breed...

    Louis SolanoLouis Solano7 gün önce
  • sad how the pilot didnt follow this video for kobe :(

    TheMJrealmsTheMJrealms8 gün önce
  • 0:35 did they land, setup the camera, fly away and then land again for that shot? Wtf lol

    XplicidXplicid10 gün önce
  • the instant I saw NDT .. byyeee

    X - ForceX - Force10 gün önce
  • Why did kobe not do dis?

    May Meiling WuMay Meiling Wu11 gün önce
  • 5:18 why don't you ask that to kobe and his daughter... Oh wait

    Twisted agentTwisted agent12 gün önce
  • Pull a Kobe 🚁 💥

    Rhodench LordRhodench Lord12 gün önce
  • Holy cow, so cool. Thank you

    Andrew ScammonAndrew Scammon12 gün önce
  • Welcome to BC Destin.

    NomadNomad12 gün önce
  • You sound like afp95

    Geg gGeg g14 gün önce
  • "If the wings are traveling faster than the fuselage, it's probably a helicopter -- and therefore, unsafe" -- Unknown

    Datrandom GuyDatrandom Guy15 gün önce
  • When they flew over that destroyed plane I was shocked and they were playing happy music?

    Austin HaleAustin Hale15 gün önce
  • 1:36 happy music over airplane wreckage where people died..

    Jetsku's Intros F I NJetsku's Intros F I N15 gün önce
  • Saved my life in arma 3 when piloting a hummingbird, thank you Bradley!

    Albert PavlasAlbert Pavlas16 gün önce
  • I’ve been on my first ever helicopter ride! But at least I know there are warning lights that will give us plenty of time to make an emergency landing

    Dev’s VlogsDev’s Vlogs17 gün önce
  • I like your catch phrase... Smarter every day.......boring.....lets watch cats chasing squirrels

    K GK G18 gün önce
  • Imagine a fan but its helicopter blades

    Collin HomaCollin Homa18 gün önce
  • Autorotation is how gyroplanes generate lift with a freewheeling rotor.

    Mike HaussMike Hauss18 gün önce
  • 🤩

    Tom ConnersTom Conners18 gün önce
  • Don’t do it!, whew..👏👏👏

    Tom ConnersTom Conners18 gün önce
  • But Ok we like the the physics 👍

    Tom ConnersTom Conners18 gün önce
  • Smarter every day and your strapped into a falling helicopter , Uh, Destin this is close to being as unsnarl as when you strapped into the F16 and did 6g’s ,hahaa. Just kidding. Our military personnel know this like the back of their hand.

    Tom ConnersTom Conners18 gün önce
  • its simple when the helicopter falls, the air pushes the rotor blades to spin and that creates lift, kind gliding to the ground if you would say

    _littleplaneguy_littleplaneguy18 gün önce
  • I like that boba fett toy on his controll XD

    UserUser20 gün önce
  • Why am I watching this?? If my pilot doesn't know any of these, one is still dead...

    Vivian BarthsVivian Barths20 gün önce
  • love that boba fett bobble head

    James BrodieJames Brodie21 gün önce
  • Even ik that helicopters are specifically engineered so they fall slowly

    Ben DoverBen Dover22 gün önce